Monday, July 2, 2007

Don't believe everything you read

It's been a weird day today.... actually, it's been a bizarre weekend, to be honest. With Twink and Josh in Tennessee, I've had time to myself in the house since Thursday night and there's been quite the strange combination of thoughts and emotions running through my brain.

I won't go into specifics since it typically always boils down to my distrust of my perception of the natural world as it is and yet my continued full immersion within it. Something to "keep me grounded" so to speak (which everyone tells me is a good thing ... yet can I really believe them?). When did I become so paranoid anyway? It's a curious path... belief, trust, devotion, betrayal, distrust, disillusionment, paranoia. It's that freaky place of "okay... WTF can I truly believe in then?"

Example: I was checking out OhGizmo and noticed what looked like a chat window embedded within the page. it was being presented by I paid it no mind to begin with. But then I started reading some of the comments. They were all people bitching about their jobs, how stupid everyone was, how little they got paid, etc. etc. There was a place to enter your initials and enter your comment.

I started seeing comments like "Does this really work?" And then later, "OMG... this really works!" by the same set of initials. And sure enough, I was duped. I put my initials in and said my peace which was "Doesn't anyone do it because they enjoy it anymore or is it all about the benjamins?" There were no replies... just more kvetching. That when the last couple comments were thanking for creating this place for them to vent. Shortly after that, the scrolling stopped. It just stopped... as if millions of pixels cried out in terror ... and were suddenly silenced (blatantly steals line from Jose).

That's when I realized I'd been duped. is a site for people to enter their resume and personal details to hopefully find employment. It was a lure to get people to come to their site and hopefully, while they are there, sign up for the services provides. Kudos to the guys who wrote the code for the fake chat window... it looked convincing enough to get me to chime in. And maybe that's the problem with my life in general... my continual choice to blab about it rather than do anything about it. So, if you'll excuse me... I have work to do.

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