Friday, July 13, 2007

Okay fine... if that's how you want it.

A while ago I blogged about the new royalties that Internet Radio broadcasters will have to pay as of July 15th if the new Internet Radio Equality Act doesn't get passed. I began to do as most others were doing which is to weep and plead for SoundExchange to be fair and cried foul play, foul play.

Well, since the government isn't listening, doesn't care, and since SoundExchange and RIAA are greedy little bastards... I say fine... have it your way you pricks. I say let ALL the internet web broadcasters pull together and truly shut down. Just as the "Day of Silence" affected the nation by prompting so many to call... what if all internet broadcasters shut down without saying they'd be back? What if there was no end in sight? What would the people do then? Would they learn to live without it or would they cry out in one voice to say, "We want our internet radio back!" What if there was a boycott of the artists that SoundExchange and the RIAA represent? What if we all said, "We will not support you or our artists anymore until you learn to share and stop being so greedy." What would happen then?

Maybe that's what needs to happen. After all, we never miss something until it's gone. There is the possibility that we won't miss it, that's for sure. There are some things I don't have any more that I don't miss. But there are some things I do miss and would do anything to have back again.

I think if the artists that are being represented by the RIAA and SoundExchange were hit in the same place they're hitting the webcasters (the pocketbook), they might find out that it's not worth losing after all and to quit bitching and moaning.

Okay... yeah... right now I'm the one bitching and moaning. :-P Well, maybe it'd just be nice to hear someone play music for the love of playing it just once again without wanting/needing to make a buck off of it.

:: wanders off mumbling to herself ::

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