Monday, June 4, 2007

The Bitch is Back

What a weekend!

I don't know how all this happened (well if I told you how and why you'd say "Sure Jenna, Whatever") but I'm so glad it happened. The Bitch Is Back, ladies, "genitlemen" and everyone in-between out there. :) Oh yes, back with a vengeance against that which had tried to kill her and stop love's creation from being everything that she could be. Everything came together this morning in one shining moment. An understanding of everyone's place in my life, what they represent, what they were put in my life to show me and teach me, etc. It all comes down to this:

I wrote in my journal ... a LONG time ago about a vision I had which I had thought was to prepare me for showing love to those who were "gender-queer." The phrase I thought I had heard was "These are my children, and they are dying, because no one will tell them that I love them." And in essence, yes, that is what I was being told. But the part of that message that I *didn't* hear then, and yet I hear now is this ... "This is what you are. I made you. And I love you. No matter what anyone else thinks or says."


And it was SO simple a message that I didn't hear it. I heard what I EXPECTED to hear based on what I had believed. Through the kind and loving attentions of my friends and family, that quieter message is now heard load and clear. By muffling out everything else that I thought "mattered" to me... by silencing those voices, they enabled me to hear the small still voice that kept repeating it until I heard it.

Some of them, in order to do that, had to endure GREAT suffering from the voices that were trying to tell me different. I will not let them down now. I have a goal again! Yes. Now that those demons are going after my friends and family and having a fucking FIELD day with them.. my strength has returned to help them battle those demons and kick their asses with Love's help, once and for all.

I'd stay and write more about it... but there's WAY too much to get done now and VERY little time to do it in.


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