Monday, June 4, 2007

Interesting Lyrics

So I was listening to the Drop Shop radio today and heard an interesting track today... dunno the name of it... but there were spoken-word lyrics that were quite interesting.

It started out with: "Materialism, Instinctivity and Sex"

Yet every now and then would change to: "Spiritualism, Meditation and Love"

The division and encapsulation of the carnality of mankind vs the virtue of mankind and the nouns selected for each grouping caught my attention. (Okay, the word sex originally caught my attention but then I started listening). In what I call a typical understanding, Materialism is the opposite of Spiritualism... Instinctivity the opposite of Meditation ... but Sex and Love is where it gets tricky (that's tricky... not sticky... although it can ... but if you're not old enough to know that, I'm not going to explain it).

Hmmm... well what is Sex ... other than a way to procreate and propagate the species? Many say (myself included) that it is an expression of Love. It can also be used as a weapon, however so can any of the nouns listed above. So let's go with expression for now and see where it leads us.

If Sex is a carnal expression of the virtue of Love... then perhaps Materialism, the physical aspects of this world, is an expression of our Spirituality. And our Instinctivity is merely an expression of the virtue of Meditation. One side lasts just moments... the other side lasts for eternity and are the ultimate source of our expressions. This makes sense to me in a "greater cosmic understanding" sort of way.

So if this is the case... and the source of our carnalities is our virtues... why do we get all wrapped up over what our carnal expressions are saying? Knowledge. A little knoweldge (without wisdom) is a dangerous thing.

Being materialistic without understanding one's spirituality creates confusion and eventually produces nothing of value to the person being materialistic... for there is no meaning behind the materials... they are just things then.

Acting on instinct without the benefit of meditation (even a little bit) won't get us what we need and will in fact get us in trouble more often than not. Our mouths instinctively water at the smell of food simply because through experience and meditation we have come to understand more about the smell to where it no longer requires meditation... now it's instinct.

Sex without Love... well, as well all know (unless you're one of those I was talking about earlier) it's empty and can sometimes (if the sex is good) produce a nasty by-product called jealousy. But when true love is present, any physical act between two or more people can be called "Sex." It's just another noun to describe the way we experience the beauty of the eternal. This act is procreative in many ways and has created many things: children, music, paintings, sculpture, theatre, etc. ... but the only time anything as beautiful as to take on a life of it's own has EVER come from these acts is when Love (the eternal virtue that we express via "sex") was present during the act.

At any rate... as I said, I found these lyrics interesting and decided to blog about them. I know that in my own life, I have often not "considered the source" before attempting to "express the eternal." That was then... today is different. Today, I see no point in attempting any of these expressions if they are not expressing the virtue they were meant to express. Today I exist in the eternal and will express that within my life.


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