Monday, June 18, 2007

Today's Lyrics

When I was young and untouched by the world and it's wicked ways, the music I listened to was mostly Gospel, Christian Contemporary and Hymns. There was, of course, no way to stop the influence of other sources of music, in fact it was quite encouraged. But the recurring themes in my life were always ones of Christ's redeeming love for us.

As I got older, I began to be more discerning of the music I listened to and felt good about. Most of the hymns began to feel like a child's chant to me and didn't move me in my beliefs. The Gospel seemed silly to me (which now I think i could use some gospel energy) and a lot of the CCM seemed like platitudes to a God figure-head that I could neither see nor touch, let alone develop a true meaningful relationship with. That

I needed something that challenged my way of thinking about God, the world, my part in it and my role. When I bought "The Big Picture" album by Michael W. Smith, it was in those heady days where you and your friends simply had to have conversations like this: "Hey, have you heard his new track?" "He's got a new track out?" "Yeah, a whole new album. You should get it!" "Okay, cool!"

Yeah... so anyway... listening to this album again... I remember this track very fondly. Actually, I remember the whole cassette tape I had quite fondly. My car didn't have a cassette player in it. I put batteries in a boombox and put it in the back seat of the car so I'd have my tunes with me while I drove around. :)

At any rate, you can find this song on Rhapsody if you want to hear it. It's got the entire album on there (and Rhapsody gives you 25 free song plays a month... sweet). I thought it to be an appropriate song as I myself am returning to the pursuit of a dream. Enjoy.

Pursuit Of The Dream
Michael W. Smith

Wake up and dream about
The plans you have in store for you
But keep in mind
It's not just what you do
But what you do it for-and who
There are roads to discover
There are stories yet to be told
As you see the big picture
Just beginning to unfold (so)

Break down the barriers but
Don't bend the rules
Never forget your roots
As you head for something new
Ride thru the shades of desire
Letting the light be seen
And he'll steer the heart in the
Pursuit of the dream

It's alright to find yourself
Thinking now and then
About the way you want your life to be
Anticipating what lies

Just around the bend
Can't wait to see

Comes the time of decision
Some you dodge and some you should face
As you see the big picture
There will be some dues to pay (so)


Wake up and dream about
The plans you have in store for you
But keep in mind
It's not just what you do
But what you do it for-and who

There are choices that build you
Choices that will make you fall
All part of the big picture
One day you will see it all


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