Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Craptasm Incarnate

Okay.... so Monday night I went out to see this movie. I went out based on the trailer I have posted above (click on it to view it). It looked FUN! I thought... ooh... a kick-ass girl movie ala Mortal Kombat meets Tank Girl. FUN!


The fun parts of the movie... The beginning, the scene between Tina and her Father and the ending. The rest of the movie was like watching someone play the video game the movie is based on. Which I wouldn't pay $9 to someone to watch them play a game.

It was basically mostly soft-porn eye-candy for prepubescent males with a plot so thin, someone with advanced ADD would be able to immerse themselves in it and actually experience boredom for once.

Am I being a little mean? Yeah... but it deserves it in my opinion... take it or leave, 'sup to you.


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