Friday, June 22, 2007

One eye open...

So, I woke up today after fitful dreams and began to weep for the world and all living things on it. I began to understand the nature of the connection between Earth and her creations. We all sprang forth from the Earth's good graces either through creation or evolution or some combination thereof (take your pick and don't tell me which you prefer because I really don't care).

So, given this, all other species of life on the planet (save for humans) reach a natural symbiosis with it. Whether they be plants, animals, insects or microorganisms, they all return to the earth something it needs in order to keep the ecosystem stable and viable to continue the process of life on the planet.

Humans, on the other hand, choose to discard the Earth's natural resources, for the most part, and create "synthetics" that clutter up the Earth and provide no sustenance back to the Earth.

Well, that's sorta bullshit, tho. There is nothing synthetic that is not created from something natural. Man can not create anything truly synthetic for man has only the ability to create via the mechanisms given to him naturally. Everything else is simply manipulation of natural resources. Will these manipulations eventually break-down into their original components and feed the Earth again? Yes.... but not in the way Mother Nature intended and certainly not in the time frame she needs. Thus, nature has been forced to adapt to our presence by creating what we would call a "more hostile" environment... I think she's just trying to keep up with her offspring.

As the pace quickens, mankind continues to find ways to avoid "mother nature's wrath" and still "exploit her resources." But can mankind run so fast that Mother Nature has no choice but to thump her child on the head? I think it's trying to do just that.

Why is it that we, as offspring of the planet, can not recognize that what we "create" should be treated in the same way that nature treats her creations? Technology refuses to return back into itself the waste it produces in order to recycle the elements used rather than waste them and let nature "figure it out." This is preposterous. In the words of Chris Knight from Real Genius... "Would you classify that as a launch problem or a design problem?" Both.

First, when technological leaps were established, there were no plans for recycling and reusing the products of our technological prowess. So, therein lies the design flaw. Second, we forged ahead with the technologies without fixing the design flaw... hence the launch problem.

So what have I said that millions haven't already said? it's a symptom of our society... borrowing and spending without saving, planning or repaying. Perhaps this is not just an ecological issue... or an economic issue... or an emotional issue, or anything so specific. Maybe it's THE issue.

Can we all agree to give back that which we've been given and build a better future for everyone? Or shall we keep running away from Nature in the hopes we can finally escape into complete autonomy from her and establish ourselves as Gods? My bets are on mom. She always knows best.


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