Thursday, June 28, 2007

Revitalizing The Vibe


Last night I went out to Southern Nights with V. She truly needed a fun night out and it was certainly that. :) I had forgotten that K (don't ask me what it is with one-letter names.... I don't know) was going to be in a contest that night at Southern as well. When we got there, K was the next one on. K's a lesbian with Drag King performance tendencies and last night she performed to Nine Inch Nail's Closer. It was fantastic! K came in 3rd out of like 8 or 10 contestants. I was hoping for 2nd place for her at least, but I think she was just barely edged out, which sucks. But she says she's going to enter the next contest and I think that's awesome. :) There were no other drag kings in the contest so she definitely has a niche. Now we just gotta work on her ability to look like the artist she's trying to impersonate. ;) I told her I'd be willing to help her with mixes and such. I think it'd be fun.

At any rate, as I walked around the club and saw faces both familiar and new, I realized how much I had missed going out to Southern, lookin' all fierce and gettin' people to take notice. I began to wonder if it wasn't time for "Miss Jenna" to come out of retirement, so to speak. I have sooo many interests and it's hard to keep track of all of them sometimes... lol. Fear of commitment to any one of them? Maybe... maybe I just like all the cuisine in the buffet and don't understand how someone can say "this is good, that is not" when it's all good. For those out there that are biblically minded.... wasn't that one of the things God kept saying? Created this, looked at it... it's good. Created that, looked at it too... it's good. All of it was like that... so... it's all good, biotch. :)

At any rate, I'm getting the itch again. But it's different now. It's not an exclusive "this is my community" vibe... it's an inclusive "this is part of me too" vibe. :) It's "don't subtract and divide.... instead add... and multiply!" I'm beginning to understand the vibe as it should be and not the way it's become. With a little tweaking... we can get it back to where it's all good again. :)


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