Tuesday, June 26, 2007

w00t w00t!!!

My life never ceases to amaze me. I must be headed for something really big soon because there are changes occurring in my life that are meant to prepare me for it.

I've dug a little hole for myself... okay, a big hole. At any rate, this hole doesn't threaten just myself. It threatens people I care about too. Not in as much as they wouldn't survive... but hell... I can make it good or I can make it bad.... it's my choice.

So... past all the cryptic bullshit, here's the news. I got the opportunity to go back to PSL and work at a great contract rate. It meant getting myself out of the hole. But it also meant being away from the people I care about, the home I've established, etc. And the weight of both was killing me.

So I had to make a choice. My choice was simple, I needed to accept what I had done and do my best to get out of it. At the time, my only option was to go to PSL.

So yesterday I went in to work and gave my two-weeks notice. The VP wasn't too happy about it but understood that I had to do what I had to do. He made no counter offer and simply left it at that.

I felt pretty bummed out. People were coming up to me with sad expressions as they learned what had happened. I knew the next two weeks were going to be rough... but the potential that the contract in PSL offered and my loyalty to my family's needs was more important to me. Now, remember, Florida is a "right-to-work" state. In addition to the good things this provides employees, it also allows an employer to turn around and say, "You're not needed here anymore. Thanks but no thanks." without citing a reason or anything. So they could have looked at me and said bye, just like that.

That's when the miracle happened. My boss came up to me and asked me what it would take to get me to stay. He said that replacing me wouldn't be that hard... and that my work wouldn't be that difficult to figure out. That wasn't the point for him tho. He felt I was part of the family now and didn't want to see me go. So he asked what was going on in my life and I told him. That's when if offered me a deal I simply couldn't refuse. Over half of what I would be making more in PSL, with benefits (as opposed to PSL) and a promise for an increase again in 4 to 6 months. I didn't know what to say other than .... YES!

My work family stood up and went to bat for me and my home family. I am truly thankful for the blessings of the past couple of days. But I also know that these blessings come with a price. So... although there is a reason to celebrate, it's also no time to sit back on my laurels. Now ... things get started. :)


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