Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I guess I'm the bad guy...

So, I called the recruiter this morning to tell her that I wasn't going to take the job in PSL. I knew that I was burning the last bridge to working in PSL and with the recruiter, etc. I knew I was going to get a bag of shit from her. It was a stinky one, I'll tell ya that. I was called a lot of names and I started to feel bad about it.

Then, with the help of a friend, I began to remember what a recruiter is supposed to be there for. They are supposed to be there for their people. They are trying to get their people positions with companies that need their services. My recruiter did her job and did it well. But if her aim was to make sure that I was taken care of, then she should've been happy for me and understand that it doesn't make any difference... the end was accomplished.

Oh wait a minute... that's right... she didn't have my best interests in mind, did she? And I want to associate with that why?

Understand, I don't wish anyone any unhappiness and I'm certainly not trying to put anyone out. I, just like everyone else on this planet, am looking for myself and those I care about. I will do whatever it takes, be the bad guy, whatever, to put "my clan" first. There have been moments in my life where I strayed from this path and every time the end has been disastrous. No more of that shit in my life if I can help it. Stand up for what you believe is right, whether someone else thinks it's right or wrong is their life... not yours.


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