Friday, June 1, 2007

SPAM! Now delivered via IM!

OK... so there I was at work and all of a sudden some guy I don't even know decides to pop into my life via Yahoo IM (that's short for Instant Messenger, mom). Being the curious, evil, smart-ass SOB (thats short for ... yeah, you know already) that I am, I decided to play along for a bit. The contents of this chat (and my comments as we go along) follows:

[15:26] xxxxxxxxxxxx: hello
[15:27] pureplurgirl: hi
[15:30] xxxxxxxxxxxx: how are u
[15:32] pureplurgirl: well, I don't like to brag...... but I'm pretty good

The smart-ass shows herself.

[15:32] xxxxxxxxxxxx: :D
[15:32] xxxxxxxxxxxx: i like that
[15:32] xxxxxxxxxxxx: thats good
[15:32] pureplurgirl: :)
[15:32] xxxxxxxxxxxx: u must like purple

I always heard that purple was a healing color. I didn't understand where he was going with this until later.

[15:33] pureplurgirl: I like all the colors
[15:34] xxxxxxxxxxxx: well i was just speaking and promoting my health website

Rut-Roh... I smell SPAM

[15:34] xxxxxxxxxxxx: its not spam

Sure it isn't

[15:34] xxxxxxxxxxxx: i sell noni juice

"No-No Juice?"

[15:34] xxxxxxxxxxxx: dont know if u heard of it
[15:34] pureplurgirl: nope, sure haven't
[15:35] xxxxxxxxxxxx: well it increases energy and physical performance
[15:35] xxxxxxxxxxxx: helps maintains a healthy immune system
[15:36] xxxxxxxxxxxx: and protects the body against free radicals by providing powerful antioxidants

Those damned free radicals... can't we just lock them up already?

[15:36] xxxxxxxxxxxx:

Normally, I wouldn't put ANY identifying information about someone I'm poking fun at in a post like this... but he actually TOLD me to later in the post.

[15:37] pureplurgirl: wow... sounds like a winner

Gettin' smarter by the moment

[15:37] xxxxxxxxxxxx: thats the website
[15:37] pureplurgirl: uh huh

No shit, sherlock

[15:38] xxxxxxxxxxxx: we also sell body, facial and hair care products
[15:39] xxxxxxxxxxxx: women health products
[15:39] pureplurgirl: very nice
[15:39] xxxxxxxxxxxx: i see u like to play video games

Uhh... what? Phase shift in progress... where's he going now?

[15:40] pureplurgirl: Yeah... mostly online games with friends.
[15:40] xxxxxxxxxxxx: u work for tiburon?
[15:40] pureplurgirl: uhm... no
[15:41] pureplurgirl: does my profile say that?
[15:41] xxxxxxxxxxxx: it says software developer
[15:41] pureplurgirl: ahh... well yeah, I'm a software developer. But just about every company has software developers on the payroll these days.
[15:41] pureplurgirl: Can't exist without an internet presence these days, right?
[15:42] xxxxxxxxxxxx: i guess so
[15:42] xxxxxxxxxxxx: well sorry if i was bothering u
[15:43] pureplurgirl: no worries... good luck with your business. :)
[15:43] xxxxxxxxxxxx: i just did a yahoo search of women 35-50, because women care about their health more than men

Wow... yeah... and women under 35 could care less of course and women after 50 just figure, well screw it... might as well live it up, right?

[15:43] pureplurgirl: ahhh... that old chestnut
[15:43] xxxxxxxxxxxx: not saying u old

Wow again! Quickly! Shift gears into reverse!

[15:44] xxxxxxxxxxxx: my cousin sold me my 1st bottle and told me not to be cheap when it comes to my health
[15:44] xxxxxxxxxxxx: im only 26

Okay, I couldn't stand it anymore and thought I should give him some practical advice.

[15:45] pureplurgirl: well that's true... but I find that what works best is proper diet, good exercise and drinking plenty of water (especially since that's what 90% of your body is anyway) usually does the trick.
[15:45] pureplurgirl: but that's me... not necessarily everybody
[15:45] xxxxxxxxxxxx: well the juice is for healthy people and is not a cure

WTF?! Healthy people would know not to spend their hard earned cash on something they can do for themselves!

[15:45] pureplurgirl: I'm sure it isn't

Heh... couldn't resist.

[15:45] xxxxxxxxxxxx: the main thing it helps is the immune system
[15:46] xxxxxxxxxxxx: and it has increased my energy
[15:46] pureplurgirl: that's great!
[15:46] xxxxxxxxxxxx: u play halo

Phase shift again... there's something else on this guy's mind... what could it be?

[15:47] pureplurgirl: no... usually just World of Warcraft... sometimes I dig into some old-school games
[15:47] xxxxxxxxxxxx: ok
[15:48] pureplurgirl: :) I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to games. Something engaging that challenges me and entertains me. Playing online is definitely a fun event.
[15:49] xxxxxxxxxxxx: ok
[15:50] xxxxxxxxxxxx: u have any pics

BINGO! Oy...

[15:50] pureplurgirl: not with me... I'm at work
[15:50] xxxxxxxxxxxx: ok
[15:51] xxxxxxxxxxxx: well let your friends know about the site if u dont mind

At least I keep my promises, right?

[15:51] pureplurgirl: oh I will. :)
[15:53] xxxxxxxxxxxx: thank u
[15:53] xxxxxxxxxxxx: have a good day
[15:53] pureplurgirl: you're welcome! you too! good luck with everythine
[15:53] xxxxxxxxxxxx: ok thanks

Hope you had as much fun reading that I had experiencing it. :)


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