Friday, June 1, 2007

Strangely Familiar Day


Weirdness abounds. I've got lots of ideas going on in my head right now about the future and some of them are pretty darned inviting. I won't go into them much here... but things are looking up. Got a few things to report.

1. False Alarm on the Lightning: It appears that my romp into the dating scene with the guy I was talking about a couple days ago is more than likely a dud than a stud. There's a lot of fear there that I never saw before. People are often afraid of that which they don't know or understand... so i guess I can accept that (*ahh...*ahh... *bullshit!)... little sneeze there, sorry. We went to lunch today and there was an emotional wall there that didn't exist before. I recognized it... I know what it was. Been there before... not going to deal with it again. So as Montgomery Gentry would say, "You do your thing, I'll do mine." (which, oddly enough, is all I'm looking for anyway, to be honest).

2. Groovin' on the Net: Got a call today from the Drop Shop... seems that I've been selected for a free slot on The Drop Shop radio. I was pleasantly surprised to get the offer! Gonna drop by their shop later today to see what slots they have available this month and set something up. I need some time to "practice" tho... I'm a little rusty. :)

3. Other general weirdness: Not gonna get into too much of it because i don't want to jinx it... but then maybe not saying anything will jinx it... oh the humanity! Suffice to say... there's other weirdness going on that's very familiar but not in a bad way... in a good way. If it's what I think it is... I'm gonna make sure I pay attention this time. :)

I'm still at work with about 50 minutes to go so I'm gonna close this and finish up my work. Later, folks.

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