Friday, June 29, 2007

We Can Go Our Own Way

So, for those of you have been keeping up, you already know about what I'm about to tell you. Whee! But for those that don't care but for some reason enjoy reading about my rants and raves... here's the latest about the Internet Radio Equality Act. Basically congress says, "Y'all figure it out cuz we ain't got no dogs in that race."

I find that to be very cavalier of them since it was the government's Copyright Royalty Board that established these new rates for webcasters in the firs place. But then again, perhaps it a Solomon-style decision. Basically the gov't is saying "If y'all don't work this out yourselves, we'll cut the baby in half for ya."

For those of you who want to know more about it, I found most of the hearing that was held yesterday on this blog. Click the link to see the videos.

What I find most interesting is how very few of them see the object lesson in place here which is... work together without concern about who gets what since everybody gets a piece of the pie for working together. If someone's not willing to work, they shouldn't be allowed to be part of it. Anyone remember the story of the Little Red Hen?

I believe that if a group of artists, producers, broadcasters, DJs, promoters, resalers, etc were ALL to combine under the same roof, we'd have a winner... provided the egos were combined as well, knowing that what was to come from their combined work was better than any single piece each brought to the table... knowing that each person's contribution was vital and necessary. Can it be done? Yeah, it can. Will it? Only time will tell.


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