Thursday, February 16, 2006

Birthdays, Parents, Friends, Trips, Work... one of these things is not like the other.

Right... so, it's like this. There's a LOT of stuff coming up. Short list:

  1. Surprise Birthday Party for a good friend this Saturday
  2. Parents arrive on Tuesday
  3. Barbeque the following Saturday
  4. Dad's birthday on the 28th.
  5. Brad Smith at Fusion on the 1st (parents leave)
  6. Niece and friend arrive for spring break on the 4th
  7. Daniel's party on the 4th (hmm... think my niece will mind?)
  8. Pre WMC party at Firestone sometime in the next couple of weeks
  9. WMC: March 23rd through March 30th
  10. April... uhm... something I'm sure
  11. E3 and Ohio (yeah... not sure how that's going to work... but I gotta make it work somehow)

Anyway.... and throughout all this.. there's this MASSIVE migration effort at work to move all of our software from Orlando to Denver and replicate the data back and forth between the two sites for disaster recovery efforts. And of course... they want it all NOW. We have deadlines that impossible to meet and I want to shoot just about everyone by the time the day is half-way through. Because in addition to all this, there are normal everyday tasks and production issues that have to be dealt with. But hey.. they're Denver. We're supposed to do whatever they say.

Eff that. I found out my severance package would be about 40 grand. I'm gonna do what I wanna do. They're not gonna get rid of me... I know too much and it would cost too much to let me go. They're gonna woo and milk me until it's done and I'm gonna string'em along. Why the fuck not? We don't even know if we'll have jobs come April thanks to the buyout... so whatever.


Of course, this is all on top of normal life stuff. Bills, house cleaning, plurrecords (whatever... hopefully soon!), working on my own music, pet care (thank God I don't have a kid at the moment), and lots of other little things that life throws our way. Trying to keep it all straight and stay on top of everything but it's just a lot. Somehow I'll manage... I always seem to. But it sure is a lot of work. Maybe I should just slow down and say "can't" "nope" "no way" "sorry" "bite me" "fuck off" etc. Hard to do when it sounds like something cool to do. Heh.

So... dating... yeah... whatever. Not in this life time, I think. It would have to be someone that could keep up. Or at least be able to help me say those things I mentioned at the end of the last paragraph. :) It would be nice just to settle down some times... and then I think.. eff that... I've been in one place for too long. Time to get up and do something else. :)

Anyway... I've rambled enough. Just needed to get some things off my chest. Later.

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