Thursday, February 2, 2006

The Snake Pit

Well, last night was the shit. :) We left here at about 8:30 p.m. Denver time. I had to find a hoodie because the coat I brought, albeit warm, just didn't look right for a club. Twink says it's just not me, period... but like I said... it's warm and it serves a function. So I got a gray hoodie, got smokes and another lighter (because we only had one between the two of us), and headed downtown. After getting lost a couple of times, we finally made it to the club at around 10 p.m.

It was called "The Snake Pit." Neither of us had a really good feeling about it to start with. There wasn't anyone there yet, really, and the music was pretty housey. We were afraid we had made a mistake. But we decided to stick it out and see what would happen. I'm glad we did. As the night went on, more people started to show up, the alcohol started to flow more freely, and the music started getting a little better.

Then, shortly after we had decided that the next drink would be our last one... someone asked me if Twink needed to be on the dance floor because she looked like she could dance. Heh. We told him to play some breaks. So he got the DJ to switch to breaks!! We started chatting with DJ and got to know him (Dee Jay Diabolic) and talked to him about getting booked here. He said to send him a demo and 2 weeks advance notice and they'd put us on the flyer. He was completely down for getting some funky Florida sound in the house. :)

So, in typical Twink and Jenna fashion, we closed the place. :) Headed back to the hotel and assed out. Luckily I had found a 7-11 earlier and they had Wild Berry BooKoo. I bought 4 of them. I figure I'm gonna need them this week. :) Up and at 'em this morning, getting ready for work. If last night was the pre-show... the rest of the week is gonna be killer. :)

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