Friday, February 3, 2006

Let the weekend begin!

So last night we didn't do much. After work, we were invited to dinner with one of the VPs and the director of my department. Went to a place called Earl's... $30 Filet Mignons... DAMN good food... all expensed. :) Wheee! After that, Twink and I went shopping to find long johns, gloves, some board games, and whatnot. Came back to the hotel and played a couple games of Scrabble. Nice, relaxing, no rush, no agenda evening.

Tonight, we're goin' out! I really wish I had some kandi with me tho, in the event I meet some other cool kandi kids out here. Not sure where we're goin' yet but we'll figure it out. Tomorrow is the Great Continental Divide... :) Gonna go check that out and probably more craziness that evening. Probably won't sleep much that evening either. Sunday will be the sad day. Her flight leaves at 8 in the morning. That means an entire day off without her around. :( I'll probably cry, knowing me. She totally made my week by coming up here. I'm glad she came... and it will be great to see her again when I get back.

Work has been good. I've met some cool music-lovers in the office and even a musician like myself. The office environment here is much better but I've heard some things about the acquisition that bother me. I don't know what the future holds yet and it's stupid for me to assume one thing or another... just gotta be prepared for anything, I guess, right?

So far, this has been a great week and the next 40 hours will be a lot of fun, I'm sure. But then I have an entire week to deal with alone. BLAH! Gotta find something to keep me busy when I'm not working... and I'm not going to work myself to death either... although I guess that's an option for keeping me busy... if I could just get into the actual work more. It's become tedious to me. The artistry of putting the plan together is more appealing than the actual grunt-work of doing it. Bleh. Whatever. I'm just bitching now.

Not much else I want to say at the moment. Got plenty on my mind but nothing else that I really want to talk about here. So until next time, biotches... peace.

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