Sunday, February 5, 2006

How I spent my Winter Vacation

Yeah, okay, it's a dumb title.. a little dorky. But I couldn't think of anything else so sue me, but it is sorta what I'm writing about. This past week and weekend was one the most wonderful times of my life. I'll remember this one without a doubt. I put Twink on a plane about 2 hours ago. I held it together until I got to the elevators... then I fell apart. I'm really gonna miss her this week. It'll be so good to see her again on Friday.

Friday night, we looked and looked for something to do... but couldn't really find anything. The clubs were filling up with HipHop and House crowds... not our cup-o-tea. So we just wandered around Denver... driving around looking at the houses. There are some beautiful houses up here... quaint ones, majestic ones, homey ones... we talked and shared feelings about life, men, work, music, etc. Then came back to the hotel and assed out.

Saturday, we went up to Vail, Colorado. Driving through the Rockies was so impressive! The scenery just blew us away. Every time we turned around another bend, another incredible sight was there to witness. It was beyond words, to be honest. We were going to go to where I-70 and the Continental Divide meet and get pictures there, make a snowman, and just have fun. But we couldn't figure out where that was. So we ended up in Vail. Vail is beautiful. We went up in the gondola up to the top of the mountain. We had an extremely overpriced lunch there (which I'm sure Twink will fill y'all in on.. I told her to take a picture of the place and let people know how much it sucked). We threw some snowballs at each other and just generally enjoyed the view. Then back down the mountain and back to Denver.

It was Saturday night that made the trip. We talked about things that had been on both of our minds for a long time. Things that were really, REALLY important. Some of them were things that were bothering us, some of them were hopes, dreams, aspirations... true open honest feelings... all without the need for anything mind or mood altering. I know that she and I will be friends until the end and beyond. I know we've been that way since before the beginning. I can't explain how I know... I just do.

I have a task ahead of me that I am not looking forward to. But it's past time I handled it. She's helped me prepare for it, strengthen myself for it, and has helped me find the assurance that it will be alright. I'll write more about it as it unfolds. I know I'll need to vent and cry and to keep a record of how I'm feeling... so I never forget... and never find myself in the same position again... not in this life or any thereafter.

That's about it for now. Twink, thank you... from not just the bottom of my heart... but from all of it. I won't forget. I won't falter. I will survive.


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