Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just another day in paradise

Well, okay... the subject of this is a little sarcastic... okay a lot sarcastic... as you will soon see.

I got to work a little late today and found lots of e-mails from various people in Denver asking for things in addition to directions from my boss in Orlando to handle certain things. I felt it only right to mention to him that people in Denver may start contacting him about the fact that I'm not "doing my job" because I'm not getting them what they need. The only reason for this would be that I'm doing things HE asked me to do.

He completely missed my point, thinking I was bitching about the amount of work to be done and began lecturing me on being late. We both started dredging up shit from the past (this seems to be a common thread... I wish people would stop that) and it turned into a pissing match. I began to feel like he didn't care about anything going on in my home life (which as a boss, yes, he's not supposed to), didn't care about the number of people I had to answer to, the amount of hours I work from home or anything else I'm faced with and was only concerned that I clock in and clock out at the appropriate times (which is odd considering I'm salaried).

My feeling behind that? I work to support my home life. My home life is not supposed to bend over backwards to make it easier for my work. I've spent time before where I put work first and all it did was make me miserable. So why go back into that mode. I was ready to hand in my 2 weeks, to be honest. But thankfully, he and I worked things out over lunch and hopefully things will get better there. It was still aggravating and cost me precious work time because I had to deal with BS.

Second irritating thing today? I called SunTrust today about the record they have on my credit with Chex Systems that is preventing me from being on the plurrecords bank account with Twink. They flat out refused to remove it as a matter of policy. See, this is where it gets infuriating. The NSF was a mistake to begin with. I closed the account and some time after that, reunion.com hit the account and SunTrust honored it. When I got the NSF notice, I called SunTrust to find out why they honored it. They said the account was never closed. I went to the bank with paperwork showing it was closed and they removed the entries and took care of the problem. I thought that was it. But apparently, it was placed on Chex Systems anyway... and now they wont remove it. When I told them it was impeding my ability to open the other account... they suggested I find another bank. Who the fuck do they think they are telling me how to conduct my business and with whom I can conduct my business when I already handled everything with them!? Chex Systems can't remove it because it's not their data... it's SunTrust's. So now I have to go beg and plead with the new bank to get on the account... and there's no guarantee that I will get there... which means I wouldn't be able to be on the account until it falls off... which is 2 1/2 more years. Joy!

I plan to keep working this and if I don't get satisfaction I may file with the Fair Credit Reporting Bureau and claim unfair business practices. For SunTrust (who themselves say I owe nothing) to leave this on my credit, it is the same thing as them taking control over who I can and can not conduct business with. This is infuriating and it must be stopped.

Other than that... the day was pretty good, I guess. But those two things kinda tainted it. Luckily when I got home I was able to spin for about an hour and a half and did fairly well, actually. Looking forward to this weekend's party. At least I can end the week with something fun. :)

More Later

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