Monday, February 20, 2006

The weekend

Whew... quite a weekend it was, too. Not quite as off the chain as others but definitely interesting... and busy! Went to Party City Friday night to pick up the helium tank... uhm... and of course had to test it... uhm, yeah. :-D Saturday I spent all day cleaning, doing laundry, fielding phone calls, decorating, etc. until it got closer to time for the party. Ansley showed up first, but she was pretty bummed out. I could tell she was not going to stay long. I tried to help her get through some of what she was dealing with... but it was too fresh and there was nothing anyone could really do then. Twink showed up after that with her mixer and headphones. I was very grateful for that! They stayed at the house while I went and picked up the birthday cakes.

As time wore on, a few people trickled in here and there... but there were only 8 in the house by the time Blake and Shannon showed up. I was really bummed about that... but we made him feel special none-the-less. More people started arriving later as the party got going and we got the music started and it was all good.

The rest of the night went pretty smoothly. There were a couple of hiccups that I had to deal with ... but nothing major. I'm beginning to think I should declare this house a testosterone-free zone, though. Blah. Sunday, after being up working on the house all day and partying all night, I was tired but couldn't sleep... at least not right away. So I went to Twink's to watch movies. Of course, her comfy couch began to suck the energy right out of me (even after a full BooKoo) and she had to nudge me several times. I felt bad because I wanted to just kinda chill and chat... but my partying that night did not include something that would keep me awake for the duration... so I was out of luck. Blah.

I get home, ready to crash, and work calls me. Problems again. Nobody wants to take responsibility. I have to save the day. Getting tired of this bullshit. Someone needs to read my logs and start taking sharing the responsibility. It's only fair. Or if not... pay me more for the time I spend working when I'm not at work.

Anyway... that's about it. No BIG HUGE dramas to report... no one had to be thrown out this time... in fact it went pretty well. I got to see Gizmo again which was very cool... always good to see him and hear him spin. Looking forward to hanging out with him again soon. Maybe even work on some music together. Although I'm beginning to doubt people's sincerity about working together when nobody comes forward and sets a date with me to do it. La la la. Anyway... I'm gonna finish my dinner (the spicy chicken sandwich from McDonalds... which is overcooked) and maybe drop some wax on my tables. Later.


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