Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Sense of Perspective

I've been a little down on myself for my job performance. I've been feeling like I've really not been performing well since there are some work items that I just haven't been able to get to and other work items have been taking me longer than predicted.

A thought occurred to me to actually do some metrics tho, just for grins.

I was hired at this company to write in Visual Basic.NET 2008. Up until August 8th, that's what I was doing. On July 25th (or perhaps shortly before) they switched me to start learning and working on a 4 year old application written in Visual FoxPro. I had never touched VFP code in my life... didn't know the language at all.

The work items are all recorded as needing just a few hours to complete. That's been my stumbling block.

But here's the facts... and they are indisputable:

I've been a VFP developer for just under 12 weeks now (83 days to be precise). I've completed code for 13 work items in that time. I'd say that 13 work items completed by an "entry level developer" in a language they've never seen before on an application with 4 years of history and changes is pretty darned good. Maybe I'm being a little precocious, but I guess I do deserve a little slack, after all.

So.... thhhppptptptptpttpp to those stupid feelings of depression.



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