Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The One

So once again, I'm gonna post something that I wrote on a different site first. On the TSDating site, one of the girls decided to start a threat about what we girls looked for in a man. She began to describe her soul-mate's qualities and was told that she'd probably not find that here. I had to chime in, of course, and this is what I wrote. (removed the names tho)


Yeah, I hear ya. And A******, you might be right. But the topic's pretty valid I think. I think it's different for everyone, too. Some people are comfortable in a cottage while others need a mansion.

So why not keep the thread going anyway. Personally, I'm fairly self-sufficient. I've had to be. I've learned that I can do without a lot more than I thought I do without.

I've had many companions throughout my life so far. In most cases we swore to stick with each other to the end even though it didn't happen. That was usually because the definition of what was required to stick together became different than what the definition was when we got started. Funny how that works.

For me, my life-long companion will be someone who doesn't need me for anything ... and I won't need them for anything either. We will be the best of friends that WANT to be with each other, not need. We will WANT to let each other experience life the way we each need to for ourselves and then WANT to share those experiences with each other, keep each other company, keep each other from having to sleep alone, etc. There will be no expectations and complete trust.

That person will also be someone that will be beyond reproach. If someone tries to tell me something "negative" about my companion, it won't make me wonder or bring me doubt. It will be a ridiculous notion to me because of my love and trust for that person. That person will be my life-long love for I will never be proven otherwise even with insurmountable evidence to the contrary. There will be a reason for any "curious activity" that he or she does which will become evident with time.

I can safely say that because I firmly believe that man can not separate those who are truly brought together in Love.

As far as other things like physicalities and personality... what I look for is written right on my profile. I may be so blessed that my life-long companion fits my physical needs too. But then again, I might not. I might become a paraplegic or become blind or something that takes one or more of the physical joys away from me.

But the life-companion or soul-mate is what I seek. I doubt I'll find them here. I may have already found them and just can't see it for myself yet. Life has a funny way of changing when you least expect it, so do yourself a favor and live it with joy and without regret or concern about "the one" for you. That person is out there somewhere, wondering the same thing right now.


I think that pretty much sums it up. On a personal/selfish note... I hope I'm right about having already met that person. Because there's someone I miss a lot.


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