Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zapp & Roger

On a completely different note... I've got to get the album I'm listening to on Napster right now. It was released in 93 and contains music even older... but I just found it myself looking for something else. I was looking to find who did the song "I want to be your man." It's by an artist simply known as Roger.

On Napster, I found it on an album called "Zapp & Roger: All The Greatest Hits"

So far, every track has had me jamming to the point where I'm bouncing in my seat, throwing my arms up at my desk, and mimicing a chicken with my head... so... that has to tell ya something. :) It's all old-school funk and it just makes me wanna get up and dance in styles I can't dance... LOL. There's nothing quite like music that makes you willingly want to make a fool of yourself even while sober. :)


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