Thursday, October 16, 2008

Note To Self

I picked up a book yesterday which I have the feeling is going to be a fun read. It's by Samara O'Shea and it's called "Note To Self: On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits." It's basically writings from this woman's journal's accompanyed with how writing in her journal because theraputic and empowering for her. I'm actually considering this book as a gift for a friend of mine. I think she would really enjoy it and identify with some of what the writer has said. I just got through the introducion and already I'm hooked. :)

No further progress on getting the house in Orlando sold yet. I'm not sure when/if that will happen at this point.

I might have a date soon. !!shock!! We'll see... he's a boat captain and ... wow... I just thought about that just now. Well, anyway, he's a boat captain and he tried to jump in the sack with me from day one but I disappointed him there. However, he hasn't run away yet either so I'm just gonna wait and see how this works out. One thing I know for certain... I'll not be one of "those" at "every port" kinda girls.

In other news, my roommates and I continue to irritate, confuse, worry and uplift each other like some strange, eclectic, dysfunctional family. Sadao might have picked up a DJ gig for us in May (MAY!... wtf?!) at a school. Travis is still jobless and I am sleepless.

On the up side... Jay said I'd get a massage today. That's happy since my neck, shoulders and back are killing me today.

Anyway... more later.

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