Friday, October 17, 2008

Secret Agent Super Drag Queen

I'll get to the subject of this entry in a minute. First, I'm gonna talk about this blog.

Well, okay... my "blog" is more like a "journal" or "diary." Let's consider where "blog" comes from. It's a shortened version of Weblog... which is just a conjunctive word made up of web and log. The web is slang for the World Wide Web. Log, in this context, is similar to a chronological list of activities. So, it's a time-dated list of things and the list is stored on the web somewhere. Yay!

Well, to me, a log is something that say... a ship's captain would keep. It might also be a list of activities that are done by someone in their job. Basically, it's action auditing. So, since this is more of a collection of feelings, advice and esoteric notions than it is activities (yes, these things are based on actions) I guess it's more of a journal. I would use LiveJournal for this... but it sucks. Moving on.

There once was an old movie called "Secret Agent Super Dragon" ... it was basically a child's view of what being a super spy must be like ... but played out by obviously adult actors. The worst James Bond movie times ten. Anyway, Joel and the Bots from Mystery Science Theater 3000 took it on and comedy history was made with the line "I'm a naughty little cheesy blintz!" Yeah, you'll have to see it to understand it.

At any rate, this was one of my favorites when the show was on the air. The epitome of ridiculousness and the good sense to make fun of it. Well, I found it out at FYE last night in a collection with 3 other MST3K movies. $60 was the price of my nostalgic happiness. Yes, I could have used that for just about anything else that would further my life. But I really needed a mighty dose of the good stuff last night.

Watching it last night, I realized how really nuts the main character was about his appearance, presence and cockiness. Considering what I know about drag queens (which is a lot, trust me on this one), I can safely say that anyone that would call themselves super dragon could (and probably should) be classifed as a drag queen.

I'm considering remaking that movie shot-for-shot with a drag queen as the main character. It would actually make a lot more sense that way, I think.

Anyway... moving on.

I'm looking forward to working on resurrecting this weekend. I have ideas for the project now that are burning me up with motivation! Everything on my site was completely original. From the code that ran the site to all the content for the site (videos, pictures, writings and music). Is it posisble that this old queen still has some creativity buried deep within her like a neanderthal trapped in a block of ice? Yes, I think it is. :) For I *am* Secret Agent Super Drag Queen. :)


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