Thursday, October 23, 2008


We all do it from time to time for different reasons. We lie. We lie on applications, to bosses (cough, cough... I'm sick), to lovers (no no, I've never felt like this before), etc. We lie. We do it for selfish reasons. I've done it. I'm sure everyone else on this planet has done it too.

I'm tired of it. I was lied to last night. Sadao's been sick the past few days. Yesterday we found out he had a fever. So I went and got him some Gatorade and tried to make sure he was comfortable. He said he needed to stay bundled up and sweat this out. I agreed.

We had some people over as well because it was Travis' birthday. Travis cooked (it's what he wanted to do) and it was really good. So I settled down to watch a movie and chill out before bedtime. After our guests left, Sadao comes out dressed to leave. He said he was going out with Travis to finish celebrating his birthday. I protested that saying that his fever just broke and that he shouldn't be going out. He wouldn't listen to me. Kept saying it was a bunch of nonsense and that he was fine.

He said they were going over to a friend's house (someone they just met online 10 minutes before he was a "friend") and would only be there a couple of hours. Said he wasn't going to spend the night or anything like that. Mind you, he has the car we share for all this. I said, "Well, okay, I think it's a mistake and that you shoudl let yourself get better... but I don't know your body or how you heal so I'll go with whatever you say there."

I was pissed at myself for getting involved again. I put my emotions out there and I was disrespected again. Gave him the benefit of the doubt, tho, and told him to be careful. That was at 11:00 p.m. last night.

This morning, I woke up at 6 a.m. The car is still not home. I sent him a text message saying, "Just a couple of hours, eh? You're a liar and you're fired." I am through with it. I'm through with taking any promise he makes as real. His actions speak volumes and so far they do nothing for me and it is far underweighing what I do for him. Will I still be his friend? Of course. He still makes me laugh and smile. But will I trust him anymore? Nope. Not for a long long time... if ever again. We shall see.

The lies have to stop.

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