Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sally Fields Moments

It's funny how one small thing can motivate me to get moving on something when mountains of other things, usually much larger in size or imperative, will generate nothing more than a staunch resistance to progress.

Shortly after my last post, Samara O'Shea sent me an e-mail thanking me for mentioning her book. I certainly wasn't expecting a thank-you and it shook me up a little. Now, yes, I know, we're all humans on the same planet, our similarities are more abundant than our differences, etc. blah blah blah... so nothing should really surprise me anymore. But the unexpected will never cease to surprise us. I think that's part and parcel to the meaning of "unexpected."

At any rate, she said she was looking forward to following my blog. As odd as this might sound, it struck a little fear in my heart. What on Earth did I really have to be afraid of? Nothing. But still, I found myself digging through my blog looking for things that I wanted to say then but am now not so sure I still want to say that I said them. I felt like a teenager, hastily straightening up my room before a friend arrived. This, in a nutshell, is motivation.

While in the throes of wondering what the hell I've said over the past few months, I re-read what's at the top of my blog:

Here you'll find tales of my journeys through life. Regardless of what they mean to me or anyone else, the facts remain that they occurred and they are hereby recorded for anyone bored enough to read through it. I am a post-operative male-to-female transsexual, a software developer, a musician, a geek of the highest order... but more basic that that... just another lonely, confused human on this planet... and these are my stories.

Had I really talked about any of that stuff in my blog? *shrug* Beats me. But now it seems I've come to a cross-roads again. I recall having a website called ... one that I really wish ... ... ...

Okay... once again, happy weirdness abounds. I interrupted my own entry here to go check on something and it completely changed where all this is going. I was about to reminisce about my old site and how motivated I was with it, and how I gave it up and then couldn't get it back... ptooey!

I just checked... the domain name is available again. Well... not any more right now! I just snatched it back from the jaws of death. W00t! It was being held up by one of those "This doman name is available for purchase from our stinky company" things and so I figured I'd never see it again. Things are oddly coming together!

Well, before I start affecting the internet and the lives around me too much more (who knows, I might affect time itself soon), I'm going to close this entry and reflect on the miraculousness of this event. More later, apparently!

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