Wednesday, October 19, 2005


It's frustrating at times, sure... but it *IS* a lot of fun too... :) Since I bought the set of the tables, I've had a couple of opportunities to spin here at the house and once at Twink's the other night. And yeah... I'm hooked. :) I've been spending the better part of the night spinning, looking up records in BearShare and on Ebay.

I've figured out the mechanics of it. That's not to say I can beat-match perfectly every time, of course. I just know how it's *supposed* to work. I can usually get a couple of records to match up eventually. Now I just need to learn my catalog (and expand my catalog) so that I can figure out where things work together and where they don't. I'm thinking about taking them all and burning them to CD to listen to in the car and at work. Maybe that way I can get the music ingrained in my head and really *know* my catalog.

Blah... been up WAY too many hours the past three days... going to bed.

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