Friday, October 14, 2005


Well, I just spent the last three hours backdating my journal with as much crap as I could find on my computer. Stuff that I had written in MySpace and stuff I had written on my old web site. The stuff from my old web site (even though it was public information then) is now semi-private. The more I get to know you, the more I'll let you get to know me. That's the deal. :)

Editors Note: I've since changed a lot of my private posts to public. They used to be friends only posts or private posts and the fact of the matter is, that creates a VIP section where I can spew about these people and then those people don't know and ... bleh. Fuck it. Here's my dirt... it's no filthier than anyone else's and maybe you might read and realize what to do or not to do in your own life. 'Nuff said.

There are a lot of gaps tho. There were times in my life when I just wasn't writing. It's not that there wasn't anything going on... I just ... didn't write for some reason. I might, as time goes on, reminisce and post some memories about times past. Who knows?

It was actually rather cathartic going through all these old posts, re-reading them and remembering what life was like then. I find it interesting when my inner strength shows up and when it fails me. I think different situations and feelings toward people and about people color how quickly these reactions take place and in what form. I read some of my old entries and think, God... what a mess I was. Then there are others where, after re-reading them, I am surprised to hear me chiding myself saying, "See? You had things figured out pretty well back then. What the fuck's wrong that you can't see straight now?"

If I find other goodies, I'll throw them up here. I'm gettin' to like this place. I think I'll stay. Guess I should upgrade my account to a paid one (shaddap Twink and stop grinning). Anyway, I'm off to get a couple more hours sleep before my long trip to North Port.

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