Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mad as all Hell

I'm mother fucking irritated. I've almost sent a message to Twink twice now to tell her just how irritated I am... but I've thought the better of it knowing that it would come out all fucked up if I sent something out now. So instead, I'll just write this private entry to vent and then maybe later when my head cools off I can talk to her.

I got a call from Josh earlier today asking if I wanted to go to see NiN tonight. He'd been planning going for some time now and had bought tickets for several people. Apparently he had a spare one. When I asked him where it came from he said that David and Katie had been figthing and that she was not being very nice to David (must have been earlier that day). Josh didn't want to deal with this and so he decided that he was going to tell David that he could go but she could not. Josh was offering me her ticket. At first, I thought sure, why not, I'll go. Throughout the day, though, I thought that maybe I shouldn't since he did buy that ticket for someone else. I said fine. I didn't want to get in the middle of it. Josh also specifically told me not to tell Twink about it at all and that he would tell her. Later Josh mentioned that he had some ibuprophen I could have (my left hand has been bothering me all day with what I believe is the start of carpal tunnel syndrome).

So I had decided that what I would do is go over to their house, pick up the pills and bow out gracefully. Before I left I called Josh. He said he was off getting some fruit but that the pills were at the house and I could just go and get them. When I got closer, I called the house to let Twink know I was close by. There was no answer. So I figured she was either spinning or getting Taylor or something. It was only 6 PM... didn't think they'd be leaving this soon. To be honest, I didn't know what time the concert was supposed to start or how to get to where we were supposed to be going. So I pulled up to the local quickie mart to get a drink and called Twink's cell. Asked her if she was home and she said they had just left for the concert.

I was thinking... what the fuck? She didn't mention anything about knowing that I was supposed to go too. She acted as if she knew nothing about it so I have to assume she didn't. I still didn't tell her about Josh's offer. I told her to have a good time and she said, "Oh we will." I sent Josh a text message after that saying, "Have a good time. Thanks for the offer but I guess I shouldn't go anyway." He called me and told me to "feel better" and that I should let him know if the pills work. I said I would, hung up, got the pills and started home.

The more I thought about, the more it bugged me. So I sent another text to Josh saying, "So I guess you're taking David and Katie after all?" He replied, "We'll see what happens." I replied, "I feel fine. I just didn't feel right taking a ticket you bought for someone else." He replied, "So what I bought em." I replied again with, "I figured that you had changed your mind since you never called me about it and you left before I even got there." No reply.

He makes the offer, tells me he'll call later about it. Yet he didn't call me about it. He called about the pills... but nothing about the concert. I didn't know when I was supposed to meet them, IF I was supposed to meet them, WHERE I was supposed to meet them. But I drive all the way the fuck out there to see that they'd left without telling me shit.

The worst part about it is... Twink doesn't know anything about any of this... as far as I know. If I tell her, I'm technically betraying Josh's trust. So, I guess I'll just have to wait until I see Josh again to hash this shit out. Whee. Dunno when that will be. It gives me a headache.

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