Sunday, October 2, 2005

Good Times

I can't begin to say how wonderful life has been lately. Last weekend, Twink, V, Heather, Rabbit, Ansley and myself all went to Ft. Lauderdale for Club X-It's last huzzah. Hosted by Euphoria Project, it was a great way to "Say Goodbye to Hollywood." So many DJs there... so many people there... fun times. And after that, we all went to the beach, met new friends and danced in the sand under the stars. How great is that?!

That was the *start* of my vacation. This last week, for the entire week, to celebrate my birthday, I took the week off. I spent some time reflecting on my situation here at home, helped Rob get his office (and our lives) in order, got the chance to spend a lot of time with V (which we rarely get to do), helped Twink get closer to landing a new and better job, got my garage cleaned, saw Rabbit and Heather off as they got on the plane to go to Vegas for their wedding and honeymoon, spoke with Kowboi and landed some contract work along with possibly getting some vocals for some tracks, worked on two new songs, lived life grand. :)

But I ended it the best way I could possibly hope for. I invited Twink, her kids, Josh, V, Twink's sister Laura and her family, and my neighbors for a barebecue. The kids and I played in the pool until the food was ready, we watched some movies, played some music, had a few drinks (the adults that is) and some great conversation. I got the chance to play some of my new work for Laura and her husband Jim gave me some great ideas for the great room and my studio.

The best part was the kids, to be honest. I miss having children in my life and hanging out with them is always a bright spot in my day. Being the last of 7 children and having 18 neices and nephews, it's amazing how much you realize that you're missing when it enters your life again. There's nothing better than the sound of children laughing and playing and having a good time. I know that they represent an enormous responsibility and that they're not always fun and games. But being a part of them growing up is a gift that anyone should be thankful for. It was a beautiful day too, so the kids had full opportunities to enjoy the pool and each others' company.

I want to thank everyone, all of my friends, for everything you've done for me and express how much you all mean to me. But there aren't words enough to do it. I hope the song in my heart will find it's way to my fingers and express itself soon. When it does, I'll be sure to share it. Thank you so much and may your lives be rich and filled with the same love you've given me this week.


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