Friday, October 14, 2005

Reconnecting with old friends

The drive here was very nice actually. There was traffic but it wasn't heavy and it kept moving so I made it here in good time. As soon as I got here, we went to TGI Fridays for lunch. After that we went to Michael's and then up to Sarasota to find a Vinyl shop. I had the chance to talk to Stacy about my "new to her" friends and what we enjoy and some of my extra curricular activities. She was very cool about it, said that she'd love to meet them with the understanding that she's not into anything extra curricular and not to pressure her about it. I told her that would never be a problem.

Sarasota has really changed a lot since I was here. After walking around and seeing all these restaurants and consignment shops where beatnik coffee shops, records stores and head shops used to be... I spoke out loud what was in my heart which was "Oh Sarasota, what happened to your bohemian heart?" It's sad really. It's turned into nothing but money. *sigh* I'm glad I'm in Orlando now and I pray this doesn't happen there. It was very depressing.

Finally found a place that sells Vinyl but none of it was categorized and it was all OLD OLD stuff. But I got some cool records out of it and stuff that I never expected to see in Vinyl again, ever. Might go back tomorrow. We found another music store but all they had were CDs. They did have some used CDs that I had been looking for so I bought those.

After that... dinner at Ho Ho's! Hell yeah! It's a Chinese restaurant in my old stomping grounds in Sarasota that makes THE BEST sesame chicken. Rather than making it the same as General Tso's and just adding sesame seeds, they do it right with a whit gravy that is to DIE for. Oh how I've missed it! I ate the whole thing. :)

Now we're back at her house and just chilling out. Dunno what's going on tomorrow but I'm sure will figure it all out. It's just been good to see her and hang out. More later.

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