Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Credit Confusion and Other Stuff


So last Saturday, I decided to go out to try to find a particular loop CD for my music workstation. I wanted the Trance NRG CD. Since I knew that Sam Ash carries all of maybe 3 CDs at a time, I thought I would try Guitar Center. Rob decided to join me and we went all the way down to the one on south OBT. They didn't have it. But they had some others that I was interested in, so I bought them instead. I hate walking away from a shopping trip empty handed.

While we were there, I started looking at some tables. They had some nice 1200MK5 tables there for $469/each. They were also offering their Guitar Center credit card at no interest for 15 months. I thought... well hell, why not? So I called Twink and asked if she wanted to join us. I wanted her help in picking out tables and making sure I had everything I needed. She said sure. We decided to have lunch first, though.

Anyway, we go back to Guitar Center and I fill out the form. They went away for a bit and came back and said I was denied the credit. I was shocked! So, they decided to run it again. Same thing. Well, I didn't want to put that much money on another card so we decided to shop around some more. Eventually I found a pair of better tables for less. Yay!

The whole credit thing has been bugging me tho, so this morning I checked my bills. Everything's paid up so far, no delinquencies, no late payments, etc. I then ordered my 3 bureau credit report to see what it had to say. It still shows two old cards from 2000 and 2001 that had some late payments on them, but my scores were still 675, 685 and 675. In fact, Amex even raised my limit *AGAIN* without telling me. So what the heck was GC thinking?

All I can think of is that maybe it was a cosmically good thing. I got nicer tables for less money and I don't have another revolving credit account. But it still confuses me.

I still haven't heard from Stacy. It's beginning to worry me. It's not like her to simply not call when she knows she's expected. I left a message for her at her house and also sent an e-mail to who I think is her mom (all I had was a forwarded e-mail address so I hope it's right) asking what's going on. I really hope that girl's alright.

Looks like Rob has a job back where he used to work. He interviewed with Nick yesterday and really impressed him. I learned some other things about Nick that make me feel a little better about him now too. Maybe things are going to start getting better now. I hope so, they've been screwed up for a good lon while now. Anyway, more later. Off to work soon.

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