Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Looks like I'm goin' to North Port for the Weekend

So, I talked to my boss and he gave me Friday off. Yay! Tried to get in touch with Stacy to let her know but her phone is still in perma-voice-mail mode, I guess. Anyway, I'll get a message to her somehow. Planning to leave tomorrow night after work and stay with her until Sunday morning. Talked to Rob about it and he's okay with it. He can be pretty understanding sometimes. :) It will be good to see her again and we can finally hash out this business of her feeling like she's second fiddle to chopped liver or something.

When I get home Sunday, Rabbit and Heather are coming over so that he and I can work on that blasted track ... I swear it's like trying to breathe life into a slice of burnt toast. We had a working idea going but I'm not so sure about it right now. It just doesn't get me moving. If it doesn't get me moving, there's no point, IMO.

Been looking at new keyboards now. Blah... I can't stop. Just bought tables and a mixer... now I want to replace my keyboard. The Roland Fantom X8 is just so beautiful, tho. *sigh*. If I could get a decent amount for my keyboard I'd sell it. But it's only worth maybe $350 now. It's old tech. It can still drive external samplers and synthesizers via MIDI, of course... but it just doesn't have the features, it's not supported by Ensoniq anymore, etc. Blah. Can't afford a new keyboard for 3 grand.

Anyway, that's the news for now. More updates as I get bored and think about things I want/need to write about.

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