Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Beauty Of Halloween

Ask my mother, she'll tell you. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Always has been. My mother used to say that she thought it was my favorite because I could escape from who I was which was someone I didn't want to be. In truth, it's because I could choose who I wanted to be. I could let my true self show through. I think that, for those who truly celebrate it, that's the way it is. I don't have to think anymore about what I want to be for Halloween. A long time ago, I worked that out and then took it to the extreme and said, "If this is truly who I want to be, and life is as short as I've seen it to be... why not make it real?"

At one point, I let the past pull me into regret and remorse shame me into believing that what I had done was an offense to God and nature when in fact, it was simply me celebrating and using the very option that God and nature had offered! Yes, sometimes I feel like the main character in the story of Pinocchio, but that's okay because I know how that story ends. :)

I think Halloween gives us the opportunity to truly express who we are. It is a beautiful idea of unmasking the truth by "putting on a disguise." I think opposite day is finally coming to an end. :)

Trick or Treat,

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