Saturday, October 13, 2007

It must be me

Sure enough, the moment I say that I'm not going to post on the weekend, it turns out that I'm going to post after all. Figures don't it?

So yesterday was annoying. I was on the emotional rollercoaster and I was it's bitch. Fortunately, today, it seems we're at the top of the hill and starting to race down the other side (which is the fun part). *sigh* There are good days and there are bad days. I'm glad today's a good day.

I took Sadao down to get his vehicle today. He's mobile now... thank God! It was good to see his dad again (who had another huge pile of food for him). After that, we hooked up with Brian and had lunch at the park... fed the geese. Then we went to where Brian was living and I met a girl that had been to one of my parties... my New Years Eve party, to be precise. I didn't feel bad for not remembering her when I realized the circumstances I had met her. There were 60 to 70 people in my house at any given time throughout the entire night... and that was with people coming and going. It was quite the evening.

At any rate, we traded numbers and I met her young son, Jacob, who is absolutely adorable. I got to play with him and do magic with him. It was a fun day.

Now, I'm home and Jim and Laura are here. Pizza, breakbeats and alcohol. It could prove to be an interesting night. One can only hope. :)

More later.


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