Friday, October 5, 2007

The Weekend's Holidays

Happy Impractical Joke Day!! Yes, that's today's holiday. I began to think about what would constitute an impractical joke. In order for it to be so, it would have to be ridiculously expensive or require that one goes way out of their way to make it as real as possible. There was only one thing I could think of right off the top of my head:

And with that... we move on to this weekend's holidays. I'm presenting them now since I probably won't be online this weekend to provide the holidays on a day to day basis over the weekend.

Saturday: PIMP DAY!

Yeah boyyyy.... Tomorrow, warm up your bitch-slappin' hand and let your inner pimp come out to play! It's official pimp day tomorrow. :) I know I'm looking forward to that... there's a few people I wouldn't mind slapping up the side of the head and saying, "Yo, where's my money, biotch!?"

Sunday: First Day of Panty Liner Week

These often unsung heroes of feminine hygiene are daily necessities for some and fond (or not-so-fond) rememberances for others. I don't know why we have an entire week for it... but that's what the list says and the list, of course, "is an absolute good" as Stern would say (and no I don't mean Howard). I'll spare you the image that goes with this holiday. Just remember to think about how important proper usage and care of your feminine wares is this week. Otherwise, you might end up like this:

Peace, Love and Happiness...


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