Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Positions Remembered Day!

:: has trouble keeping a straight face and giggles ::

Happy Positions Remembered Day! Yeah... what the hell is that anyway? I have no clue but some of the concepts coming to mind remind me of some times in my life where the next day I was very sore. *wink*

Perhaps it's positions at work... like manager, apprentice, project leader, supervisor... I doubt it though. Perhaps it has to do with being in a bad or good position in life in general. Wealth, poverty, fame, isolation, etc. Or maybe it's something like this:

Uhm... yeah... well, regardless happy holiday to you and yours. But do yourself a favor and just REMEMBER the position... don't try it again... it never works out the same way as you remember. :)

Yesterday I was ready to shoot Sadao. He called me several times during the day complaining about his situation and begging me for help. He's stuck with nowhere to live and I have no power to help him at this moment in time. I look at his situation and can't help but think he got himself in it... he needs to get himself out of it... just like everyone else (me included) in this world has to do. I guess he's in as much of an awkward position as the guy pictured above, eh? Oof... life imitating art again.

At any rate, I try to help him out as much as I am able to but my commitments are first to myself (because I can't help anyone if I'm not sound), second to those I call family (including blood and those I live with), third friends and co-workers... lastly everyone else.

I've walked down some weird paths in my life and have made choices that make no sense in retrospect. Perhaps it's all part and parcel to life's little journey for all of us and each person's journey has to be different enough from each others' so that when we're all back together again we can share stories that are very different with each other. Who knows?

At any rate, i ended up driving ALL the way to Cassleberry last night to try to calm him down and get him to stop blowing up my phone. In the end, I ended up driving him to one of his friends' apartment to spend the night there. I went home, of course.

But I woke up with the incredible sense that everyone else in my life is living their lives without the pangs of guilt of being selfish. So why am I letting guilt ruin mine? Good question? Doesn't need an answer... just needs a solution. Well, doesn't even need that any more cuz I already got it, bitches... :)

Have a good day and try to remember some crazy positions... :)


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