Monday, October 8, 2007

Maximum Freshness Day

Today is Maximum Freshness Day! Oddly enough, I seem to be following my natural state of rebellion without even realizing it. I woke up late without time to take a shower (ewww!) and so I'm doing my impression of the French today. Figures that on Maximum Freshness Day I would just so happen to not be so fresh.

That aside, it's also Columbus Day. I'm sure someone out there still celebrates that. Personally, I just like the idea of a day off work (even though I don't have today off... but who knows... maybe they'll ask me to leave and observe Maximum Freshness Day).

Friday night, I hooked up with Rabbit and DJ Nikko. There's some good vibes going there and we might actually be able to get back into the music scene again. It was a fun night as we started to go through Nikko's tracks and Rabbit started playing some of his new work for me. In fact, it pushed me to work some more on one of my own tracks yesterday.

Saturday I spent the day role-playing in Titusville with Jose, Nyssa and the whites. We started a Teen Champions game and it brought back good memories for me. None of them have played this system before and so as they were getting used to it, I was reminded of when I started playing. It was a a lot of fun and promises to be so again. This time I'm on the other side of the table tho... but I like that too. Been thinking about starting a blog somewhere to chronicle the adventures of this group. Could be fun!

Sunday, I worked on my remix of Foreigner's Urgent and bought a new phone. The Nokia 5330 Xpressmusic phone. It's actually really nice, I like it so far. It holds a gig of music (as much as my MP3 player did) so I now have an MP3 player and old phone to either sell or give away to those less fortunate. I got a great deal on the phone ($30) and the plan... so I'm pretty happy about that.

And that's all the news that I have to tell at the moment. More later.


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