Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The afternoon after the morning after the morning after.

Well, I'm still kinda beat from the weekend. It was quite the event. It was a different experience for me since I'd never gone to one without Twink before. With the exception of the time I went to see BT for free at Fusion, every other event I've gone to has been with her. I feel I've finally progressed past the need to share it with her and can claim the events for myself now. Wow, I really got messed up when I met her. I lost my individuality completely. That's not a good thing. Every aspect of my life has suffered for it. Now I'm getting myself back to where I was before... but with a stronger mind and stronger attitude toward life and living life. I was just as co-dependent upon Rob... but for different reasons. I almost became that way with Sadao... but he's WAY too head-strong and way too intent on having a friendship with me than anyone else I know. It's a good thing. HEALING! Sweetness! Anyway... just a quick entry for myself. Poop!

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