Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's All Good

There's nothing better than a food fight followed by wrasslin' around on the floor followed by collapsing on each other with laughter and smiles to ease tensions and relax someone. That was my morning this morning. :) It certainly did nothing for putting me in a "motivated for work" mood but I managed to get there somehow.

Today I've got some data manipulations to do and I'm really hoping to have all the changes for Agent management done today. Was supposed to play WoW with Jose
last night... but I ended up getting sleepy early... passed out between 7 PM and Midnight... and therefore didn't get to play. Maybe tonight... we'll see.

Makin' plans to go to the Hookah Bar again this Friday night. It's a fun, inexpensive and relaxed atmosphere and a good way to spend time with friends. I wish I could find a beatnik poetry bar in this area. I hope I can find one in Indiana when I move back there. Maybe I'll just start one, who knows.

Anyway... back to work.

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