Thursday, November 1, 2007


So yesterday was good! I got paid a day early (w00t!), I got an extra $200 from someone who owed me money, I worked out a decent housing situation, I went to a costume party last night and I found $6 in my pocket that I didn't know I had. :) The boys came home from the party about 3 hours after I did ... there was some sort of drunken drama that I completely and utterly ignored. Then this morning I woke up late (blah). I got myself started and realized I needed to get money orders still. Argh! So I ran to the bank and took care of that and then finally got in to work where both my boss and his boss were on me about helping them with an emergency that my computer setup was unprepared for. After about 15 minutes of getting that set up, they no longer needed me. BLARGH!! *whew* So anyway, now I'm kinda going "what the heck just hit me?" and trying to put back together what I was going to do today. I'm a little nervous about trying since I'm sure something will come along to screw it up. Guess that's the nature of life. But as I was telling Heather yesterday, I'd rather not kill Murphy (the dude that made Murphy's law) simply because nature abhors a vacuum and I shudder to think of what nature could conjure up to replace him. Now my busy-body co-worker has come in so I'm going to close this. Have fun today kiddies... it's all-saints day, you know. Peace, Me

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