Friday, November 16, 2007

Gristle Day?

So today's Holiday is Gristle Day. Uhm... yeah. I don't make these up... someone else did... I'm just reporting it. Personally, I'd much rather celebrate the one-day anniversary of Birthday Suit Day but... rules are rules. So, here's some nice tasty gristle for ya.

Looks fabulous, doesn't it? Okay, moving right along. 8 days to Sunset 07. It's a week from tomorrow. :) I'm gettin' all excited. :) Jose and Nyssa are coming up on Friday and we're gonna hang out for a while before Jose has to go back to PSL. Then Nyssa, Sadao and I are all headed to St. Pete once Sadao gets off work. Then on Saturday, it's off to Vinoy Park! W00t! I'm really looking forward to this event (yeah, I know... I talk about it all the time so it's obvious). The closer we get to the date, the more excited I get and the less drama I am letting affect me. It's like getting cleansed of all the negativity which dares to pollute my mind.

This, again, is why I'm going. It's why I make the bracelets, play the video games, spin records, write code, etc. etc. It's to experience and enjoy life without the interference of the negativity that comes at me on almost a daily basis. People tell me about their problems with other people, how these others act and how they don't like it, etc. etc. Blah blah blah... just shut up and dance or something fun, for God's sake.

Here's a piece of advice for anyone and everyone out there. Happiness is something that YOU create for yourself. If you find that you're unhappy when you're around someone... you can either try to bring them to the place where you will be happy around them... or you can walk away from that situation. If you find that you're unhappy with your location, your job, your surroundings, etc., then YOU have the power to make those changes. Make it right for you, regardless of what others may think about it.

I know it's hard... especially when someone you REALLY care about is spilling out the negative vibes. In that case, if you really care, let them vent, listen to them and do what you can to help without getting wrapped up in a "pledge of allegiance." As Jesus said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Treat others the way you want to be treated. If you tend to get treated by people in a way that you don't like... check yourself and your own actions and see if maybe you started that with them. Maybe they're just "returning the favor." Maybe they figure that if you treat others that way, that's the way you want to be treated too. It's worth a shot.

Okay, now that I've given you two forms of gristle today... here's some news. I managed to make a macrame bracelet that doesn't totally suck! Yay! I'm gonna keep practicing and learning the knots and try to make some fun and interesting pieces.

And with that, I'll close this entry.


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