Friday, November 9, 2007

Something I forgot to post when it happened...

I meant to post this the day the conversation happened, but I forgot. Only certain peeps will get this but I had a good time with it. It's a couple of discussions, one between Heather and myself and one between Jose and I that were both filled with geeky fun. Enjoy (if you're so inclined).

[14:25] ls1grrrl: maybe it's a conspiracy.. they're all out to eff with me
[14:26] pureplurgirl: heh... and whether it is or not, they may or may not be...
[14:26] ls1grrrl: need tin foil
[14:26] pureplurgirl: Schroedinger's Heisenburger with Cheese
[14:27] ls1grrrl: mmm yummy
[14:28] pureplurgirl: LOL... how fabulous would that be? "Hey, what's that you're eating?" "Uhm.... I'm not quite sure, actually."
[14:28] ls1grrrl: it's like a party in my mouth
[14:29] pureplurgirl: wow... my brain just poofed on that one
[14:30] ls1grrrl: (icecream)(balloon)(bunny)
[14:30] ls1grrrl: whee
[14:31] pureplurgirl: "It might taste like oriental food... or possibly Hydrocyanic Acid"
[14:34] pureplurgirl: "I'll have a Schroedinger's Heisenburger, hold the Quantum Decoherence" "Oh, I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid we can't leave off the Quantum Decoherence... if you want that, just order the dead cat. It's less expensive, anyway."
[14:34] ls1grrrl: tasty!

[13:39] jbueno6822: hrm... Schrödinger's Object just doesn't roll off the tounge
[13:42] jbueno6822: trying to describe an object that implements two absofreakinlutely identical interfaces simultaneously, and, until its called, can't know which one is being implemented
[13:43] pureplurgirl: oooh.... the Jenna class
[13:43] jbueno6822: ....
[13:43] jbueno6822: wow
[13:43] pureplurgirl: come on now... THAT was DAMN funny
[13:43] jbueno6822: uh huh....
[13:43] jbueno6822: <-- chortling
[13:44] jbueno6822: <-- still giggling
[13:44] pureplurgirl: hehehe
[13:44] pureplurgirl: you're tempted to call it that now, aren't ya?
[13:45] jbueno6822: soooo tempted.
[13:45] jbueno6822: hmm... heisen-face or Jenna...?
[13:45] jbueno6822: quantum interface ;)

The idea of a Jenna class is so appealing. Maybe I could debug it then. ;-) Well, until next time...


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