Friday, November 16, 2007


I just got off the phone with Kowboi! :) God, I've missed him. He's seen me at my überhigh points and my really REALLY low points. So yeah... I'm riding pretty high right now having chatted with an old friend. :) He's doin' real well up in NY and sounds to be in really good spirits. I'm so glad for that... I've seen him at some pretty low points too... including the last time I saw him. So yeah, life just keeps getting better and better it seems... for everyone. That makes me happy. It seems that the more we concentrate on our own lives and what we need to do, the better it gets (common sense, yes... I hear a very familiar voice in my head coming from a feisty, pig-tailed young woman saying, "I told you, dumbass.") Muaah! Anyway... just had to post my happiness. :) Peace! --Jennabee

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