Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Yeah... that's me... big slacker. My mom called me today and since I hadn't called in a while or posted to my journal she got concerned. Well, it was a busy weekend that I really don't feel like talking about, to be honest... glad it's over. At any rate, I *am* still alive and kicking (and screaming from time to time) and here are your holidays for yesterday and today.

Yesterday was Macramé Day!! It's really a shame I didn't pay more attention to this yesterday... I love macramé! I wish I knew how to do it... it looks like it would be fun, interesting, productive, etc. See?

Today is simply known as Festerval!! What is Festerval? I have no clue. The Urban Dictionary has no entry for it so I don't know what to tell you. It sorta sounds like a celebration that is oozing with pus or mucus or something... fester ... festival... but then I'm probably wrong there. Whatever it is, find some and enjoy it would ya? Sheese... what do you need, a written invitation?


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