Friday, November 9, 2007

Holidays through the Weekend and Other Notations

Let's start off with the holidays. I missed a couple of days so we'll backtrack first.

Nov 7 - Nostril Day Ah yes, a day devoted to those all-important orifices that actually aid in the sense of taste (not to mention smell). So important are these little boogers (no pun intended)... they provide us with valuable information about the cleanliness of our co-workers, family and friends, the location of tasty consumables, the dangers of brown slippery substances on the ground (ewww!), and so many other wonders. So celebrate these cavernous doorways to our olfactories! Oh wait, the day's already passed... so just blow yours and say a prayer or something. I dunno.

Nov 8 - Unfair Advantage Day Ya know, this was yesterday and I personally know some people that celebrated this day well. I, on the other hand, did not. I was too busy trying to deal with a cold that had an unfair advantage on my sinuses. Figures the day after Nostril Day I would get a cold. Yay!

Nov 9 - Short Bus Day Now THIS is a day to celebrate! Hell yea! How I wanted to ride/drive the short bus. There are many advantages to being retarded, I think. Society treats them like the elite now. They used to be the butt of many jokes but they have overcome and shown that they can be productive members of society too. Now people see the errors of their way and go out of their way to stand up for the retarded. Hmmm... maybe I'm not as smart as a retard developmentally-challenged person after all...

Nov 10 - First day of Cheese Wheel Week!! My ex should be extremely happy about this event. However, I can't imagine a cheese wheel that would keep him busy for any entire week. That would be MASSIVE. :) Regardless, I think I'll just get a bag of Cheetos (the puffy kind) and eat those. I like my cheese processed into powder and used to coat environmentally safe packing peanuts. :) Yeah... moving right along.

Nov 11 - Loss of Innocence Day An entire day to celebrate the loss of innocence, eh? This happened a long time ago for me... and I've spent every day since then trying to find it again... I think I left it in an old pair of pants... well... it wasn't that old... YEAH... moving right along! At any rate... you already know how to celebrate this one (I hope)... if not... then come sit by me and I'll "explain" it to you. :)

As far as other events... Nyssa and I are all-systems go for Sunset '07. W00t! The hotel has been reserved, the tickets have been purchased, and we're ready to go already. Heheh. This will be her first "psuedo-rave" event and I'm so glad to be part of that! It's definitely a fun time to just let go and let the music take over for a few hours. Countdown as of today stands at 2 weeks.

I've worked out my financial future for the next two months and it's not exactly happy ... but it's livable. Provided that I don't get fired for posting to my live journal from work, I should be okay. But then again, if that does happen, a whole new set of circumstances comes into play that might be interesting to see in action too. It would certainly help me separate the wheat from the chaff in my life. But for the record (God, are you reading?) ... I am requesting the strength to carry on with the plan I've designed... not asking for another disastrous miracle. I'm good with things the way they are, thank you very much. :)

Romance... yeah... whatever. It's a foreign word these days. I actually had an opportunity to go out on a date not long ago and I passed it up because Sadao was sick. I felt that it was more important to be there for a friend than to indulge myself on a date. (ouch... I think I pulled something while patting myself on the back there). I think it was a good thing anyway. I met the guy on the internet and it was on a "dating" site. So I was feeling that "this is a date" vibe and the awkwardness that comes with that and blah blah blah! I think maybe I should be looking for the guy that's not looking for a date but likes the same stuff I do and likes doing those things with me (and vice versa of course). That sounds more fun to me than dealing with an interpersonal emotional crapfest anyway.

That's about all I have to share at the moment, I guess. More later.


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