Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Report

Oof... I'm tired.

It's only 9:29 a.m. at the moment... but I'm tired. The reason will become clear soon.

Let's start with Wednesday Night. After leaving work, I went home and relaxed for a while. I was making dinner that night but Sadao was working late... so I waited to make dinner until he could eat a hot meal with Brian and I. After dinner, we stayed up for a bit and ended up doing our laundry in the wee hours at a 24-hour laundromat. Needless to say, we slept in late on Thursday.

Thursday, by the time I got up... it was late afternoon. Whee! I needed the sleep though. We tried to work out what to do for Thanksgiving. We didn't have enough money to get a "proper dinner" going and the turkey we got from Sadao's dad (we drove down to Melbourne to fetch in earlier in the week) was too big to fit in the microwave. We would have cooked it in the oven... but the oven doesn't work.

A friend of mine came over and specifically asked that I go with him to his friend's house for thanksgiving dinner. I declined unless Sadao and Brian could come too. After a bit of drama, it became clear that only I was invited. So I stood my ground and said no, it's a holiday and I'm not going without the boys.

So what to do. Sadao had to pick up his check. So we went there. They were having a Thanksgiving day dinner for the employees. Sadao, very thoughtfully, grabbed a big plate of food and brought it out for all of us to share. So there was our dinner. From there, we went to Savoy to have a couple drinks and dance and forget our troubles for a while. Sadao got both Brian and I blitzed. It was actually quite nice this time. Last time I got that hammered, I threw up in several places (including all over the side of Twink's car. I cleaned it up the next day before I left for work, though). This time, it was nothing but smiles and dancing and happy drunkenness. No puking and no hangover.

Friday went by fairly uneventfully with the exception of Sadao coming home from work early. They sent him home for his haircut. His hair was getting kinda shaggy and he couldn't deal with it anymore. So earlier in the week, he cut his hair into a mohawk. It actually looks great... and he wears it flat rather than spiky. No one at his work had a problem for the entire week until his GM saw it at the end of the week. Then all of a sudden it's not good and he was sent home. He has to shave his head before he returns to work. This is ridiculous to me. He works at a bowling alley as a bar runner. The patrons are there to have fun and enjoy themselves. Sadao is always bright and cheery and tries to promote a fun atmosphere wherever he goes. No one, not one customer and not co-worker, had a problem until the GM saw it. Why? Because they've switched from franchise to corporate. Hello Empire Records.

I'm gonna miss his mohawk. It's cute! But, I understand why Sadao is giving in to the corporate machine for now. I understand it very well. It sucks, but we do what we gotta do to survive until such a time we can tell "the man" to shove it.

We didn't let that spoil our Saturday though. A girl I met through Sadao, Carrie, called and asked if she could ride with us to Sunset 07. I told her sure. She came up Friday night and spent the night with us. Saturday morning, I got up early and began getting ready for the trip to St. Pete. The others had too much energy and stayed up all night. So, once we were all ready, we headed out. Within moments, they were all asleep in the car. No worries though, I'm used to that scenario. By the time we got to St. Pete, everyone felt a little more refreshed and was ready for the day.

What a FABULOUS event it was! A few old friends and a few new friends were there. We ended up all gathering together on a blanket and enjoyed the day's music. There was lots of good music but BT stole the show, IMO. There was a lot of electro house being spun that night, including BT's set... and it blew me away. Some of the sickest beats I'd ever heard. He always puts on a good show. :) I'm glad I was able to share it with Sadao.

After the event, we went to an after-party event. It was at a club... and it was awful. The vibe changed between the event and the club. The vibe at the event was beautiful, loving and fun. We played with beach balls and danced and sang and shared memories and love. The vibe at the club felt like a meat market and it was jarring. So after a couple of hours there, we chose to head home. Mind you, it's about 1:30 a.m. by now.

Sunday, we slept in until about 6 pm. I've been up since then so I'm pretty tired. But it was worth it, I must admit. Now, today, I pay the price for all the fun this past weekend. I have to reset my internal timer and get myself back on a normal schedule again. It sucks, but that's just the way it is. It's not the first time.

All-in-all, it was a great weekend and the event was VERY reminiscent of some of the best times in my life. The only way it could have been better is if absent friends had been able/willing to join us there. I am still hoping and holding out for the day that we can all come back together again and enjoy a party together. One where everyone is there for the music, friends, love and life. It CAN happen if we all let it all go and say, "This day is for us to come together and party and share good times and good music. Only positive, life and love-affirming vibes are allowed. We were all created out of love and are here to celebrate with each other and lift each other up."

Yes, it's a dream... but it's a persistent one in my life and I'll be damned if I give up until we see it happen. Life is short.. and it needs to be celebrated while we have it.

Well, I'm off now to get some work done. Oof... TIRED!

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